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Ultrasonic Cutter

Ultrasonic Cutting is a class of device using ultrasonic energy for cutting instead of using traditional blade cutting, ultrasonic cutting has its advantages of smotth, reliable cutting, occurate trimming, no deformation, no raising, fuzzing, spinning, wrinkling etc. It can avoid the rough cutting-edge, coked edge, fuzzballs and other shortcomings of laser cutting machine. Ultrasonic cutting machine is used for cutting rubber, synthetic fabric, cloth, plastic, sheet metal, food etc.

Máy cắt siêu âm

Technical parameter:

Item No.: HSC40

Frequency: 40KHz

Generator: ZJS-100L

Maximum output power: 40W

Weight: approx. 2.5Kg




Accessory:Foot switch1pc, Cut blade 25pcs , 1.5mm professional hexagon wrench 1pc

Set Screw M3×4L 2pcs



Cut fast, precise , smooth cutting edge of the materials!

Easy to take!

Easy to install!

Easy to operate!


Rubber Cutter

Rubber ultrasonic cutting machine is through the ultrasonic energy, will be cutting the material of local heating melting, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting materials. Here below is its composed parts and function:

Generator: It can transfer the 50-60Hz city electricity to high-power’s high-frequency (15kHz-100kHz) power supply, and then provide to the transducer.

Transducer: It can transfer high-frequency electricity energy to machine vibration energy.

Booster: It used to connect and fix the transducer and horn. When enlarge the transducer swing, it will carry to the horn.

Blade: It used to send the machine energy and pressure to the working matter



Rubber CutterRubber Cutter

Advantages of ultrasonic cutting:

1. Can adopt air-cooled and water-cooled design to adapt to various working conditions and environments

2.The cutting speed is greatly improved, and the efficiency is increased by more than 10 times compared with the traditional cutting knife.

3. Use high-power ultrasonic transducer as vibration element to ensure long-term stable work

4. A complete range of cutting knives, and related cutting knives can be customized according to customer processes

5. It can cut all kinds of difficult-to-cut products with common tools, solving production and processing problems

6. High-hardness blades can be installed, and cutting blades can be replaced, reducing the use cost

7, easy to install and use, almost unchanged the original cutting process

8, high cutting accuracy, good cutting surface finish

Main application:

Tire crown; nylon; steel belt plastic layer; nylon cord; inner lining; sidewall; apex; triangle ring and so on;



Other apps:

Printed circuit boards; natural fibers; synthetic fibers; non-woven fabrics; thin synthetic resin; model making; all forms of paper; backing film; food (cake, sugar, meat).


Máy cắt siêu âm Máy cắt siêu âm


Ultrasonic food cutting systems are often used to cut the following types of foods:

1.Hard and soft cheeses, including products containing pieces of nuts and fruit

2.Sandwiches, wraps, and pizzas for catering industries

3.Nougat, candy bars, granola bars and healthy snack bars

4.Semi-frozen meats and fish

5.Breads or cake products


Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine

Máy cắt siêu âm



Place of originChinaBrandAltrasonic
Item numberHSFC305CertificationCE
Length of the blade305mmCable Length3M
Power ControllerStepping or continuousInputAC110-240V, 50/60Hz


Factors to be considered during the food cutting:


● Initial Vibration Timing

● Vibrational Amplitude

● Cutting Velocity

● Final Vibration Timing

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