Descriptions :

High-power ultrasonic metal melt processing system plays a important role in ultrasonic metal processing , ultrasonic grain refinement , ultrasonic metal solidification , ultrasonic exhaust bubbles , ultrasonic crystal , ultrasonic cavitation , ultrasonic casting , ultrasonic coagulating tissue , ultrasonic metal casting , etc.

Specifications :

Type20K lab level20K industrial level
Item No.HSA-500HSA-1000HSA-1500HSA-2000HSA-2500
Dia. of probe30mm30mm50mm50mm50mm
Input power220V / 110V


Máy đồng hoá siêu âmFeatures :

* Intellectual property rights, domestic initiative ;

* Corrosion resistance : the use of high strength titanium alloy tool head ;

* Power : The maximum radiated power single head up to 2500W ; 

* The effect is significant : between micro-molecular, direct effect, obviously ; 

* Easy to install : install via a standard butt flange, without changing customers’ existing production equipment and processed.

Advantages :

1. Power ultrasound in molten metals and alloys shows various beneficial effects such as structuring, degassing, and improved filtration. 

2. Ultrasonic promotes the non-dendritic solidification in liquid and semi-solid metals. 

3. Sonication has significant benefits on the microstructural refinement of dendritic grains and primary intermetallic particles. 

4. Furthermore, power ultrasound can be used purposefully to reduce the metal porosity or to produce meso-porous structures. 

5. Last but not least, power ultrasound improves the quality of castings.

Main applications :

1. High-strength aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy casting;

2. Degassing of various alloy materials and other crystal rotors;

3. Metal matrix composite material, high-strength aluminum piston casting.

Recommendation of ultrasonic system (Dispersing type)

Máy đồng hoá siêu âm

Ultrasonic Sonochemistry

Sonochemistry is the application of ultrasonic to chemical reactions and processes. The mechanism causing sonochemistry effects in liquids is the phenomenon of acoustic cavitation.
Cavitation, that is ” the formation, growth and implosive collapse of bubbles in the liquid. Cavitational collapse produces intense local heating (5000k), high pressures (1000atm), and enormous heating and cooling rates(>109k/sec)” and liquid jet streams (400km/h).

Máy đồng hoá siêu âmMáy đồng hoá siêu âm


Ultrasonic perfect the graphene

The development of graphene industry demand high quality graphene urgently; (The traditional way of producing need to add more oxidant and reducing agent, while the ultrasonic exfoliation of graphite can greatly reduce the additive, greatly improve the purity and reduce the size of graphene.)

In recently years, with its excellent performance and a variety of potential applications, graphene been developed fast. At the same time, people need a lot of high quality and complete structure graphene. This requires to improve the existing preparation method, explore new preparation path. And the development of preparation method require better ultrasonic equipment too.


The principle of ultrasonic dispersion is make the ultrasound radiate in graphite oxide suspention the liquid promptly flow produce a large number of tiny air bubbles, these tiny bubbles formed in the negative pressure zone along the longitudinal ultrasonic radiation and grow continuously, and quickly closed in the positive pressure area, this effect is known as “cavitation” phenomenon, in this process, closed bubbles can form thousands of instantaneous high pressure. And the instantaneous high pressure will constantly and continuously shock the graphene oxide, make graphene oxide peeling off quickly.

Máy đồng hoá siêu âm

Theoretical basis

Some authorities and universities from home and abroad have published many references mentioned advantages of ultrasonic dispersion of graphene suspensions

Máy đồng hoá siêu âm

Graphene With Ultrasonic

Currently we use two step exfoliation can obtain high concentration graphene dispersion, second ultrasound in 30 hours reached the max conentration —- 20 mg/ml, the instantaneous concentration as high as 63 mg/ml.
After using various methods, the graphite expansion and the space between graphene sheets increases, the Vader waals forces between inter-layers reduce, at the same time use the liquid phase exfoliation can make graphene production rate greatly increased, and also can use water as solvent to obtain graphene, has a braod industrial prospect. Up to now, several companies use this way to achieve large production of graphene.
Through ultrasonic equipment, the surface of graphene reach 500 ~ 1000 m2 / g, thickness in 0.55 ~ 3.74 nm, the purity is more than 95 wt %, straight in: 0.5 3 microns, layer number less than 10.Máy đồng hoá siêu âm



T caps use replaceable, solve the problem of the foold head cavitation, T caps normal working hours more than 800 hours.
Using the high-power ultrasonic transducer (1500W – 3000W), More stable performance, normal service life more than 10000 hours.
Use of the digitally controlled power, to ensure that all the time in the best condition.
Dumbbell – type tool head design, greatly improving the ultrasonic radiation power per uniet area.
The integrated piping made of stainless steel #316.
Overall liquid flow-controllable
Use network-Based on Can-bus technology, all working parameters can have room remote control.

Máy đồng hoá siêu âm

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