Ultrasonic Embedding Unit

Ultrasonic smart card welder, Which is also known as smart card antenna welding, machine, smart card implantable antenna machine, is a professional device for the production of smart cards/ID cards, widely used in welding sheet positioning, antenna implanted. In recent years, it is an important application of ultrasonic welding.
Out digital ultrasonic smart card welder has been upgraded in the matching, even if implanting head appeared certain wear, driving power generator to quickly search and find the frequency of implanting head accurately, so as to ensure the stability of whole ultrasonic system. Prolong the service life of the welding head, saves the loss for the majority of users.

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The properties

Super quality and stable performance.
Automatically adapt to frequency adjustment.
Reasonable structure and compact design.
Can be used in combination with 8 or more sets welding horn.
Multi-point power control and minor energy adjustments, and convenient operation.
Extent the product working hours compared with traditional products.
Evenly energy output without welding jumper of false welding.

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Recommendation Of The Popular Item

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Ultrasonic Spot Welder

Ultrasonic spot welding is an assembly technique for joining two thermoplastic
components at localised points without the necessity for preformed holes or an energy director. Spot welding produces a strong structural weld and is particularly suitable for large parts, shetts of extruded or cast thermoplastic, and parts with complicated geometry and hard-to-reach joining surfaces.

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Metal shell series
Unique metal shell, greater strength.
High quality assurance, more powerful than similar products on the market doubled.
NC power supply, automatic search frequency, power adjustable from 50-100%
Isolation technology, make the product design more human.
Nylon shell series
Nylon shell, portable, easy to operate.
High quality, price reasonable

Main characteristics

1. The product design is exquistite, reasonable structure, convenient hand-held operation.
2. The digital power supply and installation of professional cooling system, enhance the stability of equipment.
3. Can be used for thermoplastic plastic welding, riveting and metal parts and plastic parts of the mosaic and pressing process. It can completely replace the process of organic melting agent paste. Has the advantages of low energy consumption, high efficiency, no deformation, no pollution, welding firm, convenient operation etc..
4. Not only can be used to weld metal, hard plastic, can also be processed fabrics and films. According to the welding machine product riveting point size and welding requirements of portable ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic welding head replacement of different, is quick and convenient, and the cost is relatively special automobile door ultrasonic welding machine is much lower, easy to meet the needs of customers.


Fast welding speed, ulsually can be completed within 1 seconds.
High welding strength, good sealing performance, can maintain and material strength.
Effective energy saving, healthy environmental protection.

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Plastic hardware riveting, welding, embossing, folder location technology, decorative ribbons, spot welding, rivet welding etc,
Electronic and electrical appliances, auto parts, clothing, packaging, textile industry, environmental protection industry, medical equipment, toy industry, communications equipment and other industries.

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